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    Hello All, Just wanted to send a short post on our trip to Monticello on Saturday. My 10 yr old son and I fished with Chrisblue. We had a great time fishing and actually caught some fish also, even though Chris was a little "Nervous" at first. We caught enough to put a few in the cooler and released some nice fish too. I'll tell you though, Chris is one smart fisherman, I believe he has something called "EFP" or Extra Fishy Perception. I won't tell you the story just ask him about the TWO THAT GOT AWAY. We look forward to another trip with Chris. I have attached a couple of pics below.

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    I wish I had known you were going with him and I would have told you some things to do that would make him more nervous!!! :smile2:

    "...I believe he has something called "EFP" or Extra Fishy Perception...."

    I have said before that ChrisBlue is a very instinctive fisherman. He works his tail off out there and you get more than your moneys worth when you fish with him.

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    I'll second that.

    Great pics and congrats on your catch.
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    Pat Chaney
    Way to go, Tony! You picked a great guide to go out with - if Cap'n Chris cain't put you on fish, nobody can. Glad that you & your son had a good time; keep taking him fishin', you're creating a lifetime of wonderful memories for him.