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  1. mark29860

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    South Carolina
    I am planning my first trip to Lake Monticello Saturday weather permitting
    Would like info on what would be the best bait to use, should I drift or
    anchor to fish on bottom. Since I've never been there can anyone
    suggest a boat ramp and where would be a good place to start fishing.

    Appreciate the help.
  2. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Mark, I like the 99 boat ramp. Drifting or anchoring can produce this time of year. Use Large treadfins or gizzard shad if possible.

  3. SC Backwoods Baitman

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    Union,South Carolina
    I have to agree the 99 landing is the best for the simple fact of when they drop the water you can still get your boat out when you are ready to go. I fished the past few saturdays and the blues are in the spawn but you can pick up a few right at dark but the channel cats are bitting good. The method I was using was to down size my hook to a 3/0 circle hook with a quarter size piece of cut shad or herring and at times it was fast every rod in the boat was down. As alway have a great time and watch out for storms it can be dangerous.