Lake Monticello 7-14 Sad Sad Happy Report

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  1. johnboy

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    Columbia SC
    Sorry it took so long..but here it is

    Went Saturday morning, beautifully overcast.....caught 15....bunch of under 5's and maybe 2 or 3 under 10's........

    so why was my day not perfect? here's why. About 9:30 I had one break off...30 lb stren mono...fought him for a few seconds... I think maybe he snagged me, but the hook broke off the leader....I say that's my mistake...must have been a bad tie, ?? but it was a gorilla for sure!! maybe that is sad....but you know what's sadder than sad...I took a friend of mine, and ask him several times to check the drags on the rods in the front....about 12:30, he hooked into one that almost took the rod from him, I knew from the way that big rod was folded up that the drag was too tight...and it turned us around and he never could get the rod up out of the water...that dang 30lb stren did awesome...but before I could get the drag loosened...pop goes the weasel....the fish was 20 yds away from the boat....never seen a rod bent like that....thankfully he's a big ol dude like me or I would have 1 less rig....anyway, wouldnt trade catchin 15 of them fat dudes for nothin...(except maybe them 2 bigguns with my hooks in their jaws!!)
  2. martygreen

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    i feel your pain,the last 2 times i have been there i had big uns break me off,both times they got hung up in the timber,i fought the 1 for over 30 minutes and even set the rod back in the holder for a few minutes with the line slack until he came unhung,only to get hung in another tree and finally break off:angry:

  3. RiverratSC

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    I feel your pain. Gotta hate when they break off but its fun while it last.
  4. catchaser1

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    Gotta to hate that, I know how you feel, I have had that happen a few times lately myself, One good positive thing about it though, at least you were in the right spot, so good job on locating the big uns'!!:wink: