Lake Monticello: 10.21.07

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    Fished from 9 till 2:30 yesterday. Frozen left over herring for bait. No wind all morning so I anchored. Marked plenty, and caught none. Fished all over the lake. The wind started about 1:00 and things got good. Caught fish very well drifting. Had a bunch of doubles and one triple. It would have been a quadruple is the fish before was 30 seconds later. But I was still happy with my first triple. All small 2 to 4.5 lb fish. Left them biting when we left.

    On a side note the bad luck of the trip was my trailer brakes locked up setting in the parking lot. I don't know why. It's a hydraulic tongue actuated system. My wife flat spotted my tires trying to pull it to the ramp. I couldn't get them to release. I loosened a line and let the pressure bleed off. I guess something froze up in there. But I don't know why it didn't do it before. Oh well just something else to fix I guess.
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    Pat Chaney
    Glad that you got into some fish, even if they were dinks :big_smile: And sorry about the trailer, seems like there's always something or the other that needs fixin :crazy:

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    Terry check the brake fluid in the actuator.Mine ran dry one time and locked the brakes up and also froze the plunger up so even when I added brake fluid I still didnt have any brakes.After thourough use it finnally freed up and started workin again.