Lake Monocello

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  1. Well me and a couple guys are headed to the big Monti this afternoon, Hopefully we will have some luck it has been almost two months since i have have had the boat in the water do to deer season. But i am sure that is going to change now since deer activitve is slowing down and fishing should be starting to pick up. I will make a post tonight or in the morning on results.
  2. Well my buddy is still stuck at work so it looks like it is going to be in the morning before i make in to Monty. Oh well at least if i go in the morning i will have plenty of time to fish because the wife works a 12 hour shift tom. Bad for her good for me i will not have to rush home.

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    Good luck because the day I was down there there were 8 other cat guys out there and three fish were caught total. Mine was about 2lbs they had about the same size and one fish at 26 lbs. One guy had 10 rods out so I hope y'all have better luck.