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    Been a while since my last post! I was wondering if anyone else is having a rough time finding fish that want to bight? I'm getting a few fish, but it's taking alot of running around. Just wanted to know if the massive shad population has anything to do with it? Hope to here from someone.

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    We were on lake mattoon on friday. We had to cut the trip short due to some technical difficultys. We had some bites but caught nothing. People are catching some nice channels around the island and in some of the coves. Sounds like the guys that are drifting are having them most luck. I was wondering the same thing about the shad. I had a guy tell me on friday that they fish were bitting a lot better on hotdogs? yeah, you got me there? Bottom line, if you find the fish they are not gonna pass up an easy meal (shad) thats just hanging around there on the bottom.

    We actually went to newton (cips) yesterday. Caught a ton of a 1-3 pounders. I think we cleaned roughly 20 fish. They are so thick down there. You cant even think about fishing with two poles. We also caught several 16 and 17 inch bass on shad (keeper size is 18). Overall it was a good time.

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    Neoga, Illinois
    I reckon I could post a picture of some cats I caught Sunday on Lake Mattoon that are on my camcorder. I just haven't downloaded them yet to the computer yet. I really don't like posting pictures, the lake gets overfished as it is. I think the catfish tournaments they are having at Lake Mattoon are hurting the chances of catching cats at Lake Mattoon. They don't make them release them like they should.
    I am busy training hunting dogs this time of the year, so I won't be doing a lot of catfishing, but I usually manage to catch a few when I go. And, I love crappie and striper fishing in the Fall, so that takes up a lot of my fishing time.
    The lake seems to be turning over in spots, it makes the fishing very slow for a while. It sounds like Newton is the place to go.
    Hotdogs?:eek:oooh: Really?:wink: