Lake Marion report needed

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  1. SanteeCatHead

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    South Carolina
    I will be fishing Lake Marion on Thursday afternoon / night. Planning on putting in around Pollys and fishing the edge of the river close to I-95 bridge. Anybody had any luck around that area lately? Taking gizzard shad, stink bait, and worms (to catch perch). Any help would be appreciated!

  2. BigTex

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    I fished on the night of the 3rd from 7 pm to about 4am at Bigwaters dock and at the small 95 bridge and caught 1 gar at 3 in the morning. I was supposed to stay the weekend but after that I packed up and came back home. I hope to get my boat legal soon so I can fish the other bridge at night.

  3. santeefishhunter

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    north caro
    Try the ledges of the main river. I moved 4 different places in the woods and never had a bite until I went to the river close to the crossover. I'll be out there Friday night fishing and I'll be on VHF 74. Good luck!