Lake Marion report for 4-9-07

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    Charleston, S.C.
    Went to Marion today. Put in at rocks pond. It was nice in N.Charleston when I left this morning, the sun was out. But as soon as I got on the water, The sun disappeared and the Temp fell out the bottom. Man it was cold, windy, not like this weekend, but enough to make fishing out of a Jon Boat frustrating. I went behind sixteen island and tried fishing, but There was alot of Bass Fisherman getting ready for the FLW tournament that they didn't pay any attention to the fact I was ""trying" to fish.. These guys were traveling at least 70mph behind sixteen island in 3 to 5 feet of water, throwing a rooster tail at least 30 feet in the air.. I wanted to see if I could catch a bass fisherman with a 8/0 Circle Hook. LOL.. Man they frustrate me. :angry: Anyway the water temp was was between 57/60 degrees behind the island. I tried to go out to marker 53 the temp was 60 degrees out there, but the waves were just to bad for me to risk it so I just came back home. I talked to a guide that went out last night. He only caught 3 cats in 6 feet of water on thread fin shad.. He said this front has really messed things up this week. He said he isn't going to fish until next week. He said he couldnt even catch a crappie last night..

    Well Sorry it wasn't much of a report..:sad2: but hopefully I will have a better one next week. Now I am going to fish in the neighborhood pond to see if I can catch something this evening.. :smile2: Talk to you all soon

  2. i know what you mean Lenny. I fish that exact area quite often and those bass boats don't slow down one bit The area is shallow but, pretty clean of stumps so they just let it rip. i bet it will be a lot nicer fishing while its dark there. Thanks for your report.