Lake Marion Report 5/8

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    It had been a month since the last time I fished. Had a great day catching 18 drifting from 6'-28' with threadfin shad. Water started out at 70 and ended up at 73. Drifting a South wind was kinda strange. Back in 95 I was lucky enough to fish a BASS event as a non-boater. I fished with Deon Hibdon on one of the days, and he gave me some advice that has helped me since. He said, "wind is everything." How true whether bass fishing or catfishing. This is VERY true on Santee because a South wind will position the fish different than a North-East wind and so on. Water was kinda murky but not bad. Sure was nice fishing with all that water in the lake. Big fish was 15lbs.
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    Glad to see you made it back out Kelley and thanks for the report.

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    THANKS for the post!!! Nice catch!!!