Lake Marion Report 3/27 thru 3/29

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  1. tigerman

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    lowcountry , sc
    Bad weather and windy.

    I went anyway and fished the upper lake.
    I tried to fish Thursday afternoon across from the state park but the wind wouldn't allow it, so got a good nights sleep and tried mid - morning Friday. I caught 2 - #4 blue & #3 channel - in 6 ft of water on bream heads. I was fishing near cypress tree's. I hooked a #25-30 Blue and got it up to the boat and the hook popped loose. What a bad feeling but that is fishing. I had a few bites on Saturday morning but no luck then the bad weather hit.

    I did eat good at the lowcountry mercantile bar-b-q and listened to bluegrass music.

    I tried the bream buster with the family on Sunday Afternoon and caught a few small ones in the coves out of the wind. My brother-in-law went with me on Sunday evening and he caught a #31 - 37" blue. It was his biggest fish ever.He caught it on the tail end of a cut bream, drifting in a cove.

    We are going back April 10 thru 17 and try it again.
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    Andrews, SC
    Thanks for the report, Matt. It was a tough weekend because of the weather. All the rivers are flooded, and that rising water doesn't help too much.