Lake Marion, good fishing on Good Friday?

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  1. CatfishNuggets

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    Some Questions:

    1. For those of you that have already fished Lake Marion this year, where are they at? What are u catching them on? What time of day, night? What depth? Are the bugs bad yet?

    2. Any of y'all headed to Lake Marion on Good Friday? It's usually good fishing on Good Friday. I think next Monday is a full moon.

    3. Are the cats chasing the shellcrackers on the beds in the shallow water yet?

    4. Ever use a cast net to catch live bait and if so, what are the rules?



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  2. weathermantrey

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    We caught them shallow last week. We catch threadfin shad, gizzard shad, and shiners for bait from our cast net. I think they are all legal to keep from a net. We had good luck using threadfins and gizzard shad pieces. We caught the most bait casting the net in the backsof long coves or canals.

  3. outoftheboat

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    Fished 3-29 only caught 3 on shad. Tried shallow early with no luck, but did talk to a guy who caught some that morning in 3' of water also using shad. Caught the fish in 26' of water drifting. I think this little cold front might have messed them up or at least that's my excuse. Drifted over some good fish but just did not want to bite. I would start shallow and then keep working my way out into deeper water following the shad on the depth-finder. Good luck.
  4. rivercatsc

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    South Caro
    2 weeks ago I was catching them in 2.5-10ft of water on filleted blueback herring and threadfin shad which I caught in the net between randolphs slough and wyboo creek. I fished from about 1-2hours before daylight to about mid-day. The most agressive fish seemed to be shallow but I was marking some good fish in the deeper flats off of little river but they were not real active but did pick up a few fish. I would stick to night fishing in the shallows.
  5. CaTmAnDo55

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    florence, SC
    the weekend of the 24th & 25th we caught 12 over 10 lbs in wyboo on the island flats on the backside of the big lake in 3-8 ft of water in small coves using sea herrin and perch bought the sea herring from randolphs and caught the perch along the banks on nightcrawlers. we caught these at all times of the day we started real shallow in the morning and followed the carp that were rolling at the top of the water all the way to about 8-10' of water and stayed on them. my buddy had a big one take his line on a sea herring head and took drag out fast until it broke the 50lb cajun red line our biggest was 16 and smallest was 10, all blues i still have not figured out the flatheads at santee yet