Lake Marion, Cold Weather on Good Friday

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    The weather has been very warm this Spring and from what I hear from almost everyone, the fish have been in the shallow water. Factor in that Monday April 2'nd was a full moon. With cold weather coming on Good Friday (low expected of 37 degrees Friday and Saturday morning), how do y'all think that this will affect the fishing? What's been your past experience in this situation? I'm going to Lake Marion Thursday through Saturday, and I'm taking my long johns. Any advice would be appreciated.



    PS: Attached is a picture of my fish bait preparation for this weekend. (Dried livers coated with garlic salt and non-iodized salt)

    PSS: I accidentally deleted the e-mail from the fella that told me about using non-iodized salt on the livers before I could thank him. If you are him, THANKS!

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  2. Chris55

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    I hope that you plan on taking some live bait and cut herring.This time of year it is very important to have that.Some bluegills and perch wouldn't be so bad either.

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    Jimbo I do think the cold is going to effect the bite some but they will still be in the shallows fedding but maybe not as active as they have been. I agree with Chris you certaintly will have your best luck when the bite slows with more natural bait such as fresh cut herring and live perch for those big flatheads. Good luck and send us a good report.
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    we'll be down this weekend, I'm going to fish the shallows around the brick yard area, that way I have an escape to deeper water if I see the fish marching out of the shallows. Will post our results.