Lake Marion 6/1-6/2

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    went to marion with my dad and my neighbor for a quick getaway, got to harry's fish camp friday morning about 10am and was on the lake by 10:30 with lines out.....started slow with a small fish here and there till dark...after dark we moved up to chanel marker 42 in 28' of water and waited.....after 1hour and 45 minutes a rod went down hard, a 37# blue was on the boat...soon after the same rod had another fish,a 26# flat head.....then the smaller fish took over......

    saturday tropical storm barry shut us down and we only fished a short while with no fish

    final count was 3 blues---37#-14#-and 8#
    3 flatties-----26#-7#-and >5#
    and 12 channels------all between 4-7#

    kept all fish under 10# for the table, the rest will be bigger next trip

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    Josh,42 was the first ever spot I selected to fish on Marion many years ago,after a careful map recon..I have caught many big fish there particularly if you head back towards the island and fish right on the edge of the drop,on your left as you face the island.You can fish deep on one side and throw lines up shallow on the other.If you turn right at 42 and head due north you will cross the 28ft hole and come up on a massive flat that will drop into the river channel on the north side.Anywhere on that edge is also good.:smile2: