Lake Marion 4/23

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    Pat Chaney
    Went out with a buddy on Monday to try our luck, managed to catch 4 nice blues - 25#, 16#, 14# and 13#. We we got on the water about 6pm, it was calm & beautiful. Anchored the boat at our 1st spot, as as we started to set up the rods the wind just picked up outta nowhere! Even tho were in a pontoon, the wind was trying its best to shake our eye-teeth out :eek:oooh: We hung in there for 'bout 1 1/2 hours, and when we couldn't take it any more we moved out to another spot on the lee side of a small island where there was a series of humps. It was a bumpy ride, in which I got drenched :lol: Set up again in about 8' of water, and fanned our baits out on all sides. We were using sea herring for bait, chunked up. Got our 1st hit about 1/2 hour later, which turned out to be the 25-pounder. She hit on a herring-head in about 7' of water, and after a picture we let her go. The rest of the fish all hit on heads, and we kept those for a fish-fry. They all had mussels in their guts. All in all, it was a pretty fun evening.

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    no pat say it ain't turned your back on greenwood???:big_smile:i guess i can see why with a stringer like that...y'all done real good...thanks for report and pic!! get back after those channels:wink:

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    Way to go Pat.Glad you got out the house and on some fish.
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    Way to go, Pat! Glad to see you posting some good results for santee cooper. Take care, buddy, and go get some more. :smile2:
  5. Went out wed night around rocks pond . fished from 7:30-11-30 pm
    Caught 6 w/ 2 of them right around 10 lbs. Little slow to start and caught
    a double around 10 pm( both of the bigger ones) and 2 more all w/in 10 min. of each other. 2-4 foot around trees w/ cut herring. caught a small flathead on herring also.
    nice night for fishing.