Lake Marion 2-24-08

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    SLOW, SLOW, SLOW, SLOW and that is about all I can say about it. Went out to little river to try some flatheads first thing and had 1 double the rod up and as soon as got 1 of the kids on the rod he was hung up. No more bities until later in the afternoon and we picked up a few small blues around 3-5lbs and that was it. The wind blew non stop dead out of the east and we got a good rain shower and for us and everyone else at the weigh in the fish didnt bite. There were like 70+ boats and the biggest catfish weighed in was 11+lbs. It was a kids tournament and they had a good time so I guess that is all that counts. It was out of Taw Caw Creek so this was a first time fishing around that area. Caught the fish on cut gizzard shad in 25ft of water drifting. out of the flats into the chanell. I sure cant wait to get back to the lower lake.
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    James it's always a good thing helping kids with fishing:big_smile:. Glad ya'll had a good time. Keep up the good work.:wink: