Lake Marion 12/31/05-01/01/06...

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    Put the boat in the water saturday morning against my better judgement.The waves were crashing over the back of the toon deck.Set out accross the lake towards santee dam as the reports were good for this area.Got there after giving the deck a good thorough washing in the 3' swells to find lots of boats there already with the same thing in mind.Maybe it was the bait we were using or maybe it was the fact that our bait was rising and falling 3' at a time and the fish never had a chance to bite it.Whatever the reason was we never even got a bite as evidenced by the fact that we lost no bait all day , just rebaiting.Called it a day after 9 hours of mechanical bull riding:D .Woke up sunday morning and the water was like glass , there was no wind at all , and there were thousands of birds swarming the lake right out in front of where we were staying.I felt a lot better about it once I saw this and we set out to the trees where the birds were diving.Made two @300 yard drifts accross the flats marking bait and fish the whole time without a nibble.Moved locale and made two more drifts accross promising flats and got a hit or two but no hookups.We said we would leave at 12:00 no matter what happened.We fished until 2:00 instaed as the weather was so nice and we felt we had to atleast catch a couple by accident.It was not to be that day.So to summarize that was two days of fishing hard without quiting and no fish caught.Its getting harder and harder to spend that money but the cahallenge will keep me coming back until I figure it out.Hope others had a better time of it than me.
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    Looks like just one of those days, "E." I've been down there for many weekends and caught little or nothing. Then again, I've went down and just tore it up. It just happens. Be there in a couple weeks to see if it will be feast or famine.

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    I was out there on Friday, the 30th. Water was calm, birds were busy at times, but the bite was slow. We ended up with a few small fish 2-5 lbs, but it was a beautiful day. I think the warm spell may have them slowed up, the water temp is back up to ~50 now.