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    Took the new boat out for the first time. Fishing was really tough...fished for 4 hours and caught the one in the picture weighing all of 3 pounds. I have never been more excited about a 3 pound fish in my life. At least I have broke the ice on catching a fish in the new boat...maybe next time will be better. After I caught the fish, I rod all over the lake breaking in my motor in. I started in the markers in front of Rocks Pond, rode to the mouth of Moultrie. The cannal was rolling. From Moultrie rode to Mill Creek...from there went back past Rocks Pond...from there back almost to Mill Creek...back to Rocks Pond, and then put her on the trailer at Bells. I had to keep her under 3000 rpms which put it at 23mph. With all of that running, I only used 1/4 tank of gas. Next time out I can push her to 4000rpms. I did run it up to there for about 10 seconds and was running 32. On a different note, the HDS 8 was unbelievable. A day I will never forget catching one fish at 3 lbs.

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    rock hill south carolina
    one fish is always better than none on your maiden voyage. i got skunked the first trip out in the boat i got now but i think its caught enough fish now to forgive it for skunkin me:wink:. by the way thats a nice boat

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    South Caro
    That fish looks good laying up on the livewell. Nice boat Kelley.
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    All them trips up and down the canal, from rocks pond to Mill Creek and back may be the reason you only
    caught 1 fish.jk
    Its something about a new boat. What did you get?? Seems to get good fuel millage for the speed, that counts a lot when u fishn Santee. Congrats on the new boat and even the 3lb'er
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    congrats, i know you will enjoy many more days and nights in your new boat,