Lake Manawa in Iowa report 5-17-06

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  1. Beechwood

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    Council bluffs, IA
    went to manawa this morning to do some channel cat fishing. I decided to fish near the north east dock around 8am. i was using fresh cut shad heads in about 4 feet of water. around 8:30 it was on, i landed 8 channel cats in two hours and could have kept at it but work called me on my day off and asked me to come in :sad2: all in all this had to be the best day for channels at mannawa in quite awhile.
  2. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Way to go mike!!!! I Drift fished the lake last tues. evening from 9:30pm. till the wind came up realy bad at 12:30am. and cought two nice channels one 10# and the other 5# pounds was useing crappie filets and bluegill heads and filets. PM. me some time and we"ll take the boat out and catch a fue. Bigcatman0816.