Lake Macatawa, great night!!!

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    Well guys, I went out last night to Holland and fished Lake Macatawa. I fished from the Dutton park using minnows. Got there at about 10pm and didn't catch anything till about 12am. Between 12-1am was the best fishing. Started out with a 22" channel, then a 20", then a 26" (7.75lbs my this years PB), then an 18" and finally a 23". Besides the channels I caught couple of white bass. It was overall a great night, between 1am-2am was pretty slow. I was there till 2:30 and it felt as if fishing started to pick up again.

    Here's a picture of my cats. I hope the rest of you guys did as well as I did this weekend.

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    nice mess of cats. I went out last night myself. Riverside park in Grand Rapids. My friend and I finally got our gear all set up about 10:00 pm. we were using suckers and gills for bait. it took us a while to get set up cus we were fishing at a boat launch and the boats kept coming in trhu the hole we were trying to fish. ( once a couple guys with a pontoon boat off loaded it in the ramp and proceeded to disassemble their trailer right there in the launch. took off the bumpers and replaced them, then reloaded the pontoon boat and left.) Any way, about 10:25 two guys come by and say they are locking up the gate in five minutes, and to get out or be locked in for the night. needless to say it took us longer than 5 minutes to load our gear, so we were locked in. it took a bit of off road driving to get out of the park, but we managed. i doubt I will be welcome back to that park ever again (if there were any witneses). lol In 5 years of fishing in that park, it was the first time i have ever been told to leave.

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    They are kind of crazy about that, aren't they? Anyway, the south ramp has no gate, so you can stay in there all night. You just have to be willing to wheel or carry your gear to a decent spot on the bank. The shore right south of the ramp actually has some deep water and cover, so it wouldn't be a bad spot to spend the night.
    Until the water level comes up another 6" or so, boating is nearly impossible.
    Someday I'm going to try under the North Park bridge on the bike trail on the West side. There's logs there, and it may be a decent spot.