Lake Lugert/Altus fishing report

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    Altus, Okl
    If you want to go catch walleye and sandbass, then get going. The lake is full of those idiot fish, and they're right up in the rocks for everyone to catch. The walleye are preparing to spawn, and they're so easy to catch that it's almost comical. The sandbass are always easy to catch, just pitch minnows out on the bottom and sit there and stare at the rods.

    I've been fishing for cats. The catfishing has been total crap. I've tried deep, shallow, points, rocks, sandbars, windblown banks, where the river is flooding into the lake..... and I've been struggling. I think instead of changing spots on the lake, I'm just gonna change lakes. I'm getting tired of the same old stuff..... Anyway, that's my report.:cool2: