Lake Lewisville Report 4/20/08

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    I got the chance to do a little fishing with my daughter this morning on Lewisville. We caught 45 channel cats with a few blues mixed in in about 3 hours. No big fish today, but the action was good. We even had several doubles to boot. Abby learned how to watch a cork, take up the slack and set the hook on a slip cork rig. Not too shabby for a 4-year old. After about 30 fish she was flat worn out. She decided to let Daddy take over with the catching and she would be in charge of the fish clicker. All fish were caught in less than 3 feet of water on Secret 7 dip bait by Team Catfish and a few came on punch bait.

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    wow!!! Now that's a good catch for the freezer right there. Nice going buddy, and sounds like ur little one is fast becoming a great future cat catching partner & maybe even taking over daddy's guide business if he doesn't watch out!!!!!wtg bobby

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    That looks like some good eating there. Congrats.