Lake Lewisville 9/21/08

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    I had repeat guests John, his son Andrew and their good friend Collin ( who came all the way from California) in the boat with me yesterday to do a little catfishing on Lewisville. The bite started out pretty slow until 10:00. The wind finally started to pick up a bit and so did the bite. For the next 2 hours the guys enjoyed steady action on eating size channel cats along with a few blues mixed in as well. The guys finished out the morning with 55 keepers in the box . Most of the fish were caught on Secret 7 dip bait and a few fell for fresh shad. No big fish caught, but plenty of fine table fare for their next fish fry. I believe some of these fish bought a first-class ticket back to California. Here are a couple of pictures of the day's catch.

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