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    I was driving around the lake the other day taking pics of a few coves I fish while the water is down. I want to use these pics this spring after they raise the water back up to summer pool so I'll know where the creek channels run and how all the cover (stumps, rockpiles,etc...) is laid out after it's covered with water.

    Here in east TN we have had a pretty mild winter and if it continues I believe we will have an early spawn for a lot of fish (crappie, shell cracker, bass- yeah, I know so don't even I know most of these fish make their nest in shallow water, 1-3ft I think. With the water temps on the rise and the water still low, if these fish start spawning early and then TVA starts raising the water how will it affect the fish? Will they leave their nest that have become too deep and try and build new ones as the water reclaims dry land or will they just stop and move back out to deeper water until the levels stabilize? I really enjoy getting on those spring crappie and bass when their moving into the shallow coves, but these pics and the unusually warm water have got me thinking.

    Has anyone ever experienced this in the years past?
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    It's been an interesting winter. Both Cherokee and Douglas Lakes have been lower winter than they have been in several years. Both are up 4-5 feet in recent days.

    We have not had the prolonged cold periods this winter, and water temps have been above normal for this time of year. February can still get pretty nasty, so it may cool off a bit before spring gets here.

    Could water temps cause an early spawn? Possible. Let's hope that fish have "a biological clock" also.

    The one thing I have been watch for that I haven't seen is large numbers of dead shad. If it doesn't cool off, we are going to have a HUGE amount of baitfish this year. Cats will be fat and happy.