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    Hopefully we will have some more rain soon and get some of our local lakes releasing some significant amounts of water. This is a phone number that some people might not be aware of 918-669-7521. This is updated recording mon-fri with all the current lake levels, clarity and releases. The one thing this that is number has over the website links on releases is it will tell you specific times water will be released from a dam. Many dams when releasing water it's the same amount all day long. Others specially hydoelectric dams such as Keystone, Ft. Gibson and the lower lock and dams on the Navagational channel may only release water at specific times during the day. If your fishing below on of these dams it's prudent to know what times water will be released to fish at the best times. When turbines are turned on it can be like a dinner bell being turned on and the fishing goes from just OK to great.

    Here are links also to the Corps General Website and specific lake levels and releases. The phone number works well in knowing exactly when some dams may be generating power at certain times of the day.
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    great info chris, thanks!