Lake LBJ fishing report

Discussion in 'TEXAS LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by olyeller, May 6, 2007.

  1. olyeller

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    Kingsland, TX
    All the rain in these parts has sent several little rises down the local rivers and really turned on the catfishing.
    I've caught several nice yellows in the 5-20# range and a boatload of blues and channels up to 5# over the last couple of weeks, without fishing hard at all.
    Other local fisherman report good success on Lake Buchanan, too, with blues being the most frequently caught.
    Crappie and ba$$ are spotty due to muddy water and unsettled weather.
  2. Luke Clayton

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    Yep, that all that rain we got down here in the LONE STAR STATE did more than fill the lakes, it put the cats on a big time bite! Glad to hear the whiskerfish down in the beautiful Hill Country are going strong. Same up here in N. Texas. We're having to hide to bait our hooks at Cedar Creek, Lavon, Lewisville and, naturally, Tawakoni! Good to you! Luke Clayton