Lake Isabella

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  1. Does any one hear fish lake Isabela? If so could you give me some tips?
  2. OHFishmanB

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    It is a decent lake, depending on what you like to catch. If you are going for big fish, go somewhere else. It is full of eating size channels. Went there one day last year and caught 23 channels 2-6lbs.

  3. cincynick

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    I've always had good luck there. Usually produced a 20lb blue every trip. Go anywhere to the right of the boat dock as your looking at the lake, especially the point by the gravel area. When they stock trout this spring try to get as many as possible and save them, that's all the blues start feeding on once theeir stocked it seems. From my experience just the head worked the best. It's been a few years since I've been but definetly a good place.