Lake Huron

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    Lake Huron is the third largest of the lakes by volume, with 850 cubic miles of water. Lake Huron is hydrologically inseparable from Lake Michigan, joined by the wide Straits of Mackinac. The Huron lakeshore extends 3,827 miles, and is characterized by shallow, sandy beaches and the rocky shores of Georgian Bay. The lake measures 206 miles across and 183 miles north to south, with an average depth of 195 feet (approximately 750 feet, maximum).

    Huron and st Clair from the Canadian side is said to have HUGE channel cats cause the canadians are too busy watching hockey at night to fish for them there. I guess Don Cherry is more important than Mr Whiskers. I understand though. I dont fish the canadian side either for that very reason. GO WINGS! LOL

    From the American side the lake is real shallow. In some areas you can walk a half mile out and still be in waist deep water up in parts of the thumb...

    A good place to start would be Quanacassee- right in the crux of the thumb in saginaw bay. The Hot ponds arent bad out there ewither from what I have heard. Ask Don Lambert (hear Kitty) for more details or Sparky Larson.