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    Huffman texas
    Fished friday afternoon and caught 4 cats, 2 over 20#. Went back sat. morning and took 8 before lunch, they were from 3-6#. Daylight Sunday was back at it, myself and a friend kept 16 from 2-7#. All fish were taken by rod@reel baited with shad. The fish we caught all had big guts full of shad.
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    catfish dreams,
    I fish in the lake and on the west fork all the time. If you see a cajun in a yellow OK prowler kayak that resembles a shrimp boat, that's me. I jug a bunch and line fish and catch plenty of blues and channels. Any idea where I can find Op in Lake Houston area? I was told that they have caught some by the power lines and trestle. What has been your experience? Have you ever fished lake Charlotte near Wallisville. I recently caught a 29 lb blue on a jug.