Lake Houston catfishing

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    By mistake (late night) posted this on the Texas Rivers forum:

    Fished Lake Houston Sunday. Caught 9 channels between 1.5 lbs and 4 lbs. Then caught a 9 lb freshwater drum (Gasper Gou). He was a tiger, took about 5 minutes to bring him in on a medium action rod with an Abu reel, 15 lb test line. Most of the fish were caught on bream between 10 am and 3 pm. Great fun.


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    My girlfriend loves drum, she says they just seem to fight good for her. I've never caught a big one but she gets nice ones out of Spring creek all the time when we are down there.

    Where ya in a boat or by some chance bank fishing, lol. Can't find catfish anywhere these days.
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    I was in my kayak, small, but it gets me around. The place I put in at is a park located on Kings River Drive in Kingwood. Folks I've talked to tell me that there's good catfishing from that park, especially in the evening and early morning. Its rather shallow, runs about 2-4 ft deep in that area, but the cats come up in the shallows at night to feed on the shad and itty bitty bream. Its easy access, just go East on 1960 past Humble, keep on going past the Wal Mart, on the left, you'll see and HEB. At the next light is W. Lake Houston Parkway. Keep going down W. Lake Houston until you come to Kings River. If you come to the bridge, you've gone too far, its the light just before the bridge. The park is the second one on Kings River. No off street parking, but its okay to park on the curb, and safe. You don't need to be a Kingwood resident to use the park.

    Another possibility is to cross the Lake Houston bridge on W. Lake Houston, take the first right after the bridge, park there near the corner, and walk back below the bridge area. The water in that area runs 4-6 feet and is close to the old river channel. I've never seen anyone do it, but it would be possible to fish from the bridge, especially at night. The only problem being its a 20 ft drop in some placed from the bridge to the water.
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