Lake Hickory Roll Call

Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by WylieCat, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    Ok folks, who is planning to attend the Lake Hickory tournament?

    I need you to either call me, PM me, or e-mail IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.

    The gas situation has a lot of people worried, and several have commented they are not going to fish. If I do not hear from some folks, and it appears the attendance is only going to be a couple of boats, then we will postpone the tournament.
  2. billfish76

    billfish76 Active Member

    Rock Hill, SC
    I plan on being there, since Ill have the scales. I did talk to a guy that I work with that lives up past the Hickory area, and he said gas was hard to find this morning. He is on the road all day and said hell try to keep me informed on things

  3. martygreen

    martygreen Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Rock Hill,S.C.
    Team Green is gonna take a Bye on this one,I have a deck to build this weekend,Gas is not a big issue for us,Rock Hill seems to be in pretty good shape now with gas,I just need to get this deck built,been putting it off a few weeeks now,Yall have a Fun and Safe Tourney:wink:Look foward to seeing the Results.