Lake Hefner

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    I was wondering if anybody on here has had much luck for cats at hefner? I have caught sandbass and walleye out of it but havent really tried much for cats.
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    Hey marcus,
    welcome to the BOC.

    As far as lake hefner,before I moved up to grand lake,me and my cousins used to fish it all the time,and we fished for cats,and usually did pretty good.

    One place we used to fish was in the coves on the south side of the lake.The best one was the cove right across from stars and stripes park.I am not sure how the access is lately,but you will probably have to walk down to it.About midway from the lake mouth is where we would fish.Liver and minnows worked very well.

    Another good place is the dam.Not sure if you have noticed,but there should be people out on the dam at night fishing for cats.Usually set up right on top of it.

    The last good place I can think of is the north entrance on the west side of the lake by the boat docks,if you turn onto that road,follow it ALL the way back to a floating dock.We usually threw our lines out west off of the dock,and usually did pretty good there as well.

    Hope this helps,and Good luck ..

    Peace and Plenty,