Lake Hartwell

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  1. bradley_G

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    Woodstock, GA
    I thought we had a thread on lake hartwell but perhaps it got lost on the server move, but does anyone fish lake hartwell much? I may take a trip to a friends cabin in the next week or two and any info would be great.
  2. Jighead07

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    I have been itching to go to Hartwell, just trying to find time. Go to the SC part of this forum, them boys are always posting about Hartwell.

  3. Yakdawg

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    Cumming, GA
    Bradley, I think I started a thread on Hartwell, thought it just disappeared!

    It is a great lake for catfish, also good largemouth and striper/hybrid fishing. I have caught up to 10 pound cats at Hartwell. Haven't targeted cats there in a while though, but some monsters are in there.

    I fished the lake last week and did very well on topwater, landed spotted bass, redeye bass, a five pound largemouth, a small striper, broke off a huge striper. Caught most fish on a pencil popper fishing the mainlake close to the dam.

    I would imagine that with the heat we have had the topwater action is slowing down.

    Good luck, I have always done very well at Hartwell and much less crowded than Lanier or allatoona.
  4. flatheadsalyer1

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    Pickens, SC
    Bradley, The cats are hitting pretty good at times right now on Hartwell. I fish a good bit in the Seneca river arm of the lake, and we are catching some. The fish are still spawning somewhat, so the bite has slowed down some, but at night there have been some decent fish caught. I have been fishing a lot during daylight hours while my 1 year old is at daycare and have bagged a few decent cats. The blues and flatheads are bitin pretty good in daylight during the week and I think it's due to a lot less fishing pressure during those times. I haven't seen many reports on the big water at the lower end but I'm sure it won't be long and they will be cranking down there.

    Most of my fish have been caught on cut bream in less than 8 feet of water on structure. Haven't seen a lot of size, biggest was 18.2 lb flattie and a bunch of blues in the 10 to 15 lb range. Hope this helps some, good luck to ya, and Happy Fathers Day to all you Georgia Dads!

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Looks like some great water, anybody been fishing there lately?