Lake Hartwell Striper Report 6/19/07

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    Fished the Hwy 24 bridge at the mouth of the Seneca River from 11:30 pm until daylight. We were set up in sixty feet of water and fished only with live herring. First fish was caught at midnight and was a 36" gar. That scared me into believing it was going to be a long night. Especially after my transducer broke off and my bait tank valve was sitting on the kitchen counter.

    It picked up and we ended up with 16 striper and hybrid. Two were 9 lbs, three were 6 lbs, and the rest were between one and a half and 5 lbs. All fish were caught between thirty five and forty-five feet. I hope to go back soon and get on 'em again.

    Now, I just need to buy another transducer for my 787c2. Bummer.