Lake Hartwell 10/22/08

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    Well my family diagnosed me with CFF aka " Cat Fishing Fever. This is a rare disease that is currently spreading among BoC members . Common symptoms are :

    pacing the house
    watching the weather 24/7
    excessive herring in your freezer
    no mud on your tires
    live well full of gills
    tying rigs when you have a 100 made already
    arguing with your dog

    In time these symptoms will get worse if proper medication is not took . The only way to cure this awful disease is to go fishin !!!!!!

    Well...that was fun, LOL.

    I've been pacing the house for a few days cause I aint fished and apparently I've been a little on edge so the wife and kids made me go fish .

    I headed out for Hartwell with my Pit ( he caught CFF from me ) . We ( yes he is a person..sort of ) picked a spot and had the first line out at 2am. Temps were is the low 40's , pressure on the rise with heavy cloud cover . Water depth was a 3 second drop w/1.5oz weight......LOL , I guess around 12' of water.

    I threw out gills, 1 live and one dead ( head ) but after 2 hours of nothing I decided to change one out with herring .
    After 1 more hours of nothing I got really cold and wet from the dew so I crawled into the back of my Jeep with my 4 legged buddy . For the next hour or so I drank coffee and ate donuts with the radio on to pass the time . I finally got sleepy so I rolled out the sleeping gear for a nap .

    Just as I drifted off to sleep my rod went screaming . I tried to slip out the back to grab the rod but I was tangled up in my blankets, LOL...... Well I made it in time and landed this #20.1 Blue . Seems this blue wanted the herring and not the gills . For the last month all they wanted was gills...ya never know unless ya try ; )

    I fished until 11am with no other hits. All night I had 1 hit with one fish landed . I'm happy with that, I've never worried to much about numbers . I guess I'm good at waiting them out .

    This fish will put me back in the over #20 class for my BoC team, aka, " Blue Whiskers ".

    I got the chance to scout and I picked a spot to hit this weekend . I'm now trying to break my Pb with a #30 class fish . Most people think I'm crazy for putting this much into this contest but it's my 1st fishing competition ever and I promised myself I would give it my all ......and I will .

    I have until Dec 8th to do better and I hope to represent our fine state with a bigger fish,,,,only time will tell.

    Thanks for reading my post . I've been slacking on our SC thread but I will start back up .

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    Thanks for the report. That was very enjoyable and funny!

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    CFF! I thought I was the only one with that:big_smile:. Glad to know I'm not the only one.:smile2: Thanks for the report.
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    Other CFF symptoms:

    Practicing with cast net while standing on picnic table.
    Never ending boat projects
    Yard looking like you dont have a mower
    Making everyone miserable if you dont go to the point where they ask-"when you goin fishin"
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    Pat Chaney
    Way to go, Jimmy! I have long been diagnosed with an illness similar to yours: "Fishing Pox" :smile2: I have heard that once you are infected with this illness its course is life-long, and the only known effective treatment is ongoing fishing expeditions. Of course, less effective treatments include trips to sporting goods/fishing stores, watching fishing shows on tv or on the computer, the BOC, or working on your tackle/boat. :big_smile:
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    Thanks for the report! That's a nice fish.