Lake Hamilton or Ouachita in arkansas

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  1. sheldonc

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    If the rain holds off I am trying to figure out where to go. I have never done that much jugging or trotlining on Hamilton. On the other hand Lake Ouachita is way up and I am not sure how to fish it in the current conditions. I will be rod and reel and putting out a few jugs.

    Any advise or reccomendations??
  2. fishstick

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    Fouke, Arkansas
    the water has warmed to the point that the catfish are getting ready to spawn. they are feeding heavily in the backwaters and flooded timber since the heavy rains and high water on the lakes in my area. if you can find some stump fields in the backs of coves it should be good. also any feeder creeks or rivers at the upper ends of these lakes should be good. they can be caught in really shallow water at this time of the year so dont overlook the very backs of coves in 2 to 3 feet of water. also if you can find rip rap by bridges or roadsides you might try fishing there also. good luck


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    Best bet would be Ouchita! lots of good fishing there and a lot of Cats!