Lake Greenwood

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    I decided to save gas and not go to Monticello so I went to the home lake.How did that work out you ask (Not to good).I started out the morning in my favorite flathead hole got everything set out, everything nice and calm, keep in mind that this is 8:00 in the morning.As soon as I sit down here comes a convoy of jet skies drive right over my lines, no problem I thought every thing will calm down in a minute just when everything calms down here comes another bunch of idiots right over my lines again.10 mintues after the last idiot went by a huge gust of wind comes by pulls both my anchors loose moves the boat about 10 foot hangs up all my rods.So I started driftin and ended up with 2 channels around 10lbs apiece.Every where that I have been catchin fish seemed to be where everybody wanted to ski.You gotta love days like that.
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    Gaffney, SC
    Jet Skies, they just plain annoy me. That one of the greatest things about Monty they're not allowed. Poor Greenwood is loaded with them jet skis though.

    I'm waiting on it to cool off some before I hit Greenwood plus it will be for crappie and not cats.

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    Where is Greenwood located. Chris congrats on the channels. Yeah when those pleasure boaters and jet skiers come by my dock I think they set my inner ear off and I get sick as a dog.