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    i tried to post this in the lake section just didnt get much of a response. anyhow im going to lake greenwood this weekend, never have been there. so i was looking for any tips on that lake. as far as a good place to catch some nice cat's and what is the best bait for that lake.

    thanks a bunch for everyone's help.
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    never fished there myself, but i would try herring or shad, bream if you can catch them. chicken livers for channels.
    As far as "where" to fish, get a lake map and locate humps, holes and submerged points. and fish any brush piles you see.
    pretty standard stuff but hope it helps

    p.s. this was the fishing report on dnr's website

    Catfish: Excellent. Captain Chris Simpson reports that the channel catfish bite has been on fire on Lake Greenwood, and drifting big fresh shrimp in 5 to 15 feet of water in the backs of feeder creeks is catching lots of fish. Cut bait is catching fewer but bigger fish.