Lake Greenwood Report

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  1. buster1395

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    Well we tried drifting and and anchoring several different spots on lake greenwood the last 3 days with no luck at all. I think we caught 5 catfish out of 4 trips. We tried shrimp, herring and stink bait. We were staying at the state park not too far from Pop Pop's House and he shared some of his night fishing tips with us also but we just could get anything going. Thanks Pop Pop for giving me those glow sticks they work real good for night fishing. Im gonna pick me up some more from wild wolf products real soon.
  2. deerhntr22

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    Thanks for the report...My father said that he and a buddy from his work was out at Lake Greenwood and they tore em up...I believe they fished around the Saluda River part of the lake..and it was nightime around 12 midnight.

  3. greenwoodfaithful

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    Friends of mine are doing well in 16 ft of water in front of the Shrine Club to the Golf course below where the rivers meet with cut bait (shiners and bream) before the last rainfall. They have been fishing during the day until night fall.
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    Thanks for the report Chris!:wink: Those Wild Wolf Product.Com Glow sticks really light up the rods. You where fishing at a tough time on the lower lake as the cats there are full spawn. A+ for effort my friend!:wink:
  5. RiverratSC

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    A friend of mine said I could use his pontoon at his lake house so I hope to fish Greenwood before to long. I'll bring my dad with me because he hasn't been down in months. I plan on hitting Greenwood one week and Wylie the next so I hope I can find some fish.
  6. steve_b124

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    I went last Tuesday to Greenwood. I fished the upper end from 0630 till 1130 and never got a fish. I drifted with cut shad and shrimp in water from 8 feet to 35 feet. I only had about 2 light bites and one that hit hard when I started to reel up. A preacher friend of mine was on the lake down near the state park and had no luck either. I figured they were in full spawn.

    It had to happen sooner than later, that's the first trip since I learned to drift that I have come home skunked.:angry::embarassed::sad2:

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    I was going to try Greenwood on Wednesday, but I think I'll just take a pass and work on my "Honey DO" list. LOL :sad2: