Lake Grapevine Fishing

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  1. Mr. Rooster

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    Hurst, Texas
    Going to the vinyards campgrounds sunday. I have done pretty good there. caught a 10lbs. blue last april from the bank. (they have a pic of it in the entrance shack)I have the best luck using live bluegill or shad. Anyone else ever fish this area? Taking two tiger rods, one berkley ecat, and a new surge. All have 7000 abu reels.
  2. cathog

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    Lone Oak Texas
    I have heard they have been catching blues at Twin Coves park, and also where Denton Creek comes into the lake. I haven't fished Grapevine in many years, but it is becoming a very good catfish lake. The only thing I don't like about it is the traffic, I can see more jet skis and boats in an hour there than I will see in 2 weeks on Tawakoni. Good luck to you.