Lake Granbury, Texas

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    maybe should be in texas section but as this is alt method i will post here

    if someone feels should be in texas reports feel free to move it but send me a pm so that I can update my list


    set my trotline out thurs night, LATE was baiting in the dark
    been baiting with shad and perch have torn 2 cast nets at 27.00 each!! tonite i set out perch trap with some dog food and caught half dozen on worm with bobbers. Have not totally baited out line 100% yet!! still workin on enough bait but darn I have fun doin it!!!

    • Fri
    • 1 yella cat 5 3/4 lb morning
    • 1 channel cat 1lb afternoon
    • 1 blue cat 2 lb night

    • Sat
    • 4 channel cats all 3-4 lbs morning
    • 1 blue 3 lb night
    • 1 channel 4 3/4 lb night