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Lake Fort Supply is located in Woodward County, 1 miles S of Fort Supply, OK. It has 1,820 surface acres and 26 miles of shoreline. Is The lake provides excellent fishing opportunities for a variety of species including, crappie, walleye, white bass, hybrid bass, channel catfish and flathead catfish. Numerous
campsites located close to the water, three handicap accessible fishing piers, and plenty of open shoreline for bank fishing.

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I've been fishing this lake off and on for many years. Was raised just a mile from the lake. Moved away after highschool and lived around suburban OKC for 40 years. Back here at Ft. Supply at least for awhile. Caught my personal best flathead out of this lake last year. Would like to see other BOC members posting reference their fishing activities on this lake. There surely must be other members that have fished here. Never did see any posts pertaining to this lake on the old BOC site. Sure hope to see some activity here on occasion.

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