Lake Fort Cobb

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Fort Cobb Reservoir is located in Caddo County, 14 miles NW of Anadarko, OK.
    It has 4,100 surface acres, 45 miles of shoreline, and an average depth of 11
    feet. The main species of catfish is the blue cat, with some decent flatheads
    and channels also available. Most of the habitat includes sand stone humps
    and ledges, rip-rap on the dam, sunken brush, and fallen timber. Jugging is a
    popular approch to the catfish with alot of shore fishing in the swan lake
    area around Cobb Creek!
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    Fort Cobb has been a favorite lake of mine for some time now. I found fishing from shore fairly dificult but drifting will fill your boat up for sure. Pretty clean water with mostly sand bottom without natural structure. Sunken brush is marked with fishing bouys. It also has some really BIG carp.