Lake Fork

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    TEXAS, Lake Fork
    Been catching nice Channels and Blues in 30-37 ft. in the main channles up to 12 pounds. Shot a Mallard last Wednesday morning and then used the heart that afternoon and caught a 7.14 blue on it.
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    South of Dallas
    Welcome to the BOC,BJ

    I used to fish Fork all the time out of Hide Away Harbor. Middle fork on Lake Fork. Never tried Catfishing there. Sounds like you had fun ! Glad you found the BOC, lots of good info on here. I'll be buggin' you about Fork, Just got my boat up and running. Went out to Purtis Creek this morning for a test run and man was it windy. Glad to report the boat did well, however, the fishin' sucked. I bet the wind was blowing 20+ mph.