1. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    hmm, just went to the a.c.a.t.s. page n read issue 1 of the magazine where they had an article on fishin with D. King on lake fork. They talked about having their cooler full of catfish filets to take home n eat. I've never contemplated fishing at fork because i thought it was a catch n release lake only. Now if it isnt cpr only then Im startin ta plan a catfishin trip already lol. Now im a poor redneck bankfisherman n cant afford no guide to take me out, so I like to tent camp very close to where im fishin(within steps lol).
    i would sure appreciate some info from someone that has camped and bankfished lake fork.
  2. TXBlueHunter

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    Flower Mound, Texas

    Lake Fork is a great channel cat lake. Not many people fish for cats because they are all after the huge bass in Fork.

    As far as catch and release only that is not the case. Catfish fall under the state regulations on Fork. There is a slot of bass.

    I have not camped at Fork but the below link will give you some information on the lake and if you click on the Public Access Facilities section it will show you all the spots that have camping.


    I hope this helps.