Lake Fork flathead catfish

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    If you want to catch a large flat head now is the time. April and May is sponning time. drop lines are my favorite. Here is how I rig a drop line. app. 1/4 pound weight about 8'' above a 18/0 Eagle claw lazer circle sea hook. For line use at least 300lb. test nylon trout line. Bate with the largest perch or brim you can catch. This time of year underwater creeks that border 6 to 8 foot of water along side are the best area, them find a tree. Drop the weight to the bottom and raise it up about two foot and tie it off. That's it.

    A word a bout SAFTY these are big fish be carefull don,t get tangled in the line. Take golves they help! Don't get caught between the line and the tree.

    There is also the problem of getting these babys in the boat a large net makes it easy

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    thanks for the info., it may still be about 3 weeks early for spawning yellows.
    here in abilene, they aren't near ready... water was 69 today needs to be
    mid 70's..