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  1. Manny

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    Arnold, Mo
    Ill be heading to the LOZ in a couple weeks and would like to know how to target cats on a lake. I fish rivers all the time and know what to look for but a lake im lost.

    My buddy wants to mainly bass fish, which ill do for a little while till he is done. But then I would like to target some cats.

    Ill be putting in at PB2 ( Public beach access #2 )

    Not wanting your honey holes but would just like to know what to look for underwater or on top.

    Thanks, Manny
  2. love2catfish

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    Northwest Missouri
    I don't know where you're fishing, but good luck. I tend to stick to the smaller side of the lake. Right now, it sounds like the fish are scattered all over the lake and biting okay. use your fish finder and try different depths until you locate the biting fish. If you're fishing in Warsaw, you're selling yourself short by not trying to fish below the dam.

    Catch shad. You'll almost always get the best bites with shad, whether live, cut or whole. Look at all the other posts on here. Several people post information to help you find what's working at the time. I'm not lucky enough to fish all the time, but when I go, this is the place I start!

  3. huntoften

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    Not sure where on the lake you'll be, but shad can be pretty scarce on most of the main arms. Cut bluegill are easy to come by though with a light spinning rod and some worms and my preferred bait most of the year on LOZ. If you're up near the dam...forget bluegill and find the shad.

    As for spots to fish...look for docks with fish cleaning sinks on them and fish the bottom near the sinks. Drifting or spider rigging works well in the coves and the mouths of rivers entering the lake's bigger arms.

    If you want channel cats...LOZ has a lot of them. Liver, worms, or Sonny's work very well.