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Lake Eufaula - Good numbers of Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, and Flathead Catfish

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Lake Eufaula is located in McIntosh County, 12 miles E of Eufaula, OK. Its
the nations 3rd largest man-made lake with 105,500 surface acres and 600
miles of shoreline. Has good numbers of blue cats as well as a few flatheads
and channels. Other available species include black bass, striped bass, white
bass, crappie, walleye, and a variety of sunfish.
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The Gentle Giant, my home away from home .

How many fish Eufaula besides Okie Kat and me?
my favorite catfishin is no-name creek @ frisbeys boat ramp just off 150
I guess it's just you and me Everett.
1st time I ever fished for cats was on Eufalla. Sandy Bass Bay area
Hopefully I will be fishing it pretty soon. I have fished it, but it has been years. My dad fishes it now and again all though he lives in Pryor and between the 2 hour drive and working alot he doesn't have much time to get down there.
i really enjoy fishing on eufaula lake, its a great lake to catch a big bluecat.
I used to dream about fishing there as I drove past. does that count?
We have a place in the bay and i enjoy fishing the n.end of the lake,porum landding and such. Cant get there enough,spend most summers in washington state.
My wifes Grandparents used to have a place on the bay. Ol' Buford Brown.
Loved going down there as they had a dock that was GREAT for fishing for crappie and sand bass. Had all KINDS of lines out for cats.
FLABOY I live here and it seems thats all I can do here lately :)
Well, I went and took my Corrections Exam last week. I think at the most I might have missed 2 or 3, at the best I aced it. It was pretty easy, but I guess that score along with my veterans preference points will determine my rank on the merit list. Hopefully this week sometime I will get the results back and where I stand on the list too. Anyway, it sure was nice to be back in OK for a couple of days. It was humid, but it sure was a heck of lot cooler than Phoenix. Wish I could have stayed a while and went fishing but that will come soon enough hopefully.............
Jeremy it would be awesome if you were back in OK in time for the June Gathering at Keystone. I would like the opportunity to meet ya, and I'm sure others would too.
Thanks man. I hope to be there. Wether this job comes through or not, come Jan. I think we will be moving back there anyway.
That would be awesome. Oh, and Great Job on the fishin game!!!
Thanks, can't believe I actually have my name on something. You and Tea probably just felt sorry for me and are giving it a rest for awhile, lol!
Not me. I was only at the top on the copter challange for about 12 hours.
Haven't been on top of any game since. I keep trying though.
Hey Jeremy. I hope you make it we sure need the help.Do you know what Prison you are going to work????We sure are short handed....
I don't know what prison yet Pat. Hoping for one of the Mcalester facilities but I really don't care that much. Which one are you at? Mcalester was my first choice but they wanted like eleven more choices and I basically listed all the counties in S.E. Oklahoma. Took my test last week and did fine. I am number 13 on the merit list, out of something like 267. I guess that is fine and hopefully it won't be long if they are hiring as many as they say. I will let you know when I find out anything else.
i am going over to eufaula next weekend to go camping and cattin if there is anybody over that way that can set me in the right spot , i have only been below the dam and to the in-door crappie house ( no boat )
Lake Eufaula is a great fishing but it's in the middle of nothing. I do some business there and the boat dealers in McAlester and Eufaula are telling me that they have had a slow year. It's a great lake and a lot of pretty nice area's . I fished the lake several times and have had great luck. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the keystone gathering. :)
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