Lake Elizabeth 12/11/06

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    Eugene, Or.
    Just got in from a nice day out at one of our small natural lakes here in So. Ca., it seem there are so few of them.
    The weather was warm for the time of year and elevation with just a light breeze that blew all day until it laid down about 3:30pm which was nice because I was fishing in the shade of a tree by then.
    Arrived at the lake about 10:am and started setting up next to another fellow that was already there and was informed that the bite had been good about 9:00am.
    Not to be deterred, I rigged my slip sinker and leader, put on some pink lemonade turbo Power Bait added a little extra Berkley trout scent and casted out.
    I put my pole in the holder and was adding a bobber to the line when the bite came. I dropped the bobber and snatched up my rod and reeled in a small trout about 10" long, nothing huge mind you, but a nice trout for this lake.
    Of course I'm thinking "that was a quick bite, at this rate I'm going to fill my limit in no time".
    I re baited, cast back out and set my rig up with bobber and waited and waited and waited and................
    Well to make a long story short (I know, it's too late for that), it took the rest of the day to fill my limit, what with the slow bite and missed opportunities.
    There are plenty of willing biters left in the lake for those that are willing to wait them out. I haven't seen any planting schedule for the lake but I'll be watching to see when the next plant goes in cause this little lake really turns on with a fresh plant.