Lake El Reno

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Lake El Reno is located in Canadian County, 1 mile west of El Reno on Elm. It
    has 500 surface acres, 4 miles of shoreline, an average depth of 5 feet ,and
    a maximum depth of 18. Sunken brush, rip-rap, and long rocky points make up
    some of the structure. Available species: Sand Bass, White and BlackCrappie,
    Black Bass, Channel Cats, Blue Cats, Flatheads Cats, and Saugeye.
    Catfisherman should stick to the rip-rap in search of cats.
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    Lake El Reno produced the Oklahoma State Record Flathead Catfish taken on Rod & Reel. The flathead weighed 72 lb. 8 oz. and was caught by Mr. Ron Cantrell in May 2004 on a Gizzard Shad Head.

    I believe Ron is a member of the BOC as is his son Justin.

    I hope the statistics are all correct.

    Larry (polecatter)