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    I am a recent transplant to Tennessee and am very interested in learning to catch some of these monsters that roam the waters in this state. I am originally from Chester VA on the James River where I fished from a boat for Catfish and at Lake Gaston and Buggs Island for stripers. When I was in Virginia I had use of my dads boat and we usually went fishing together. Now being a shorebound angler I am curious as to how and where you fish for these Catfish from shore. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated. Also how do you catch shad and herring from shore since I cant look for bait on the depthfinder and throw the cast net to get them any longer.

    My inlaws happen to keep a boat on lake douglass and I was wondering how the catfishing was there as well?
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    Pegram, Tennessee
    I'm stuck in Johnson City until graduation in May, so I plan on trying to hit the dam at Douglas this spring. Since I also don't have access to a boat out here, I figure the tailrace is my best shot. From what I hear, the stripers and cats have a pretty good run there in the spring, and there is good bank access. If it's anything like Cheatham dam in middle Tennessee, shad and skipjack should be plentiful.

    As for fishing the lake itself, I honestly have no idea. When fishing large lakes, I usually try to do the boat thing if at all possible.

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    my son fishes douglas in the summer for bass. he cussed our cats every time he went last year because of all the cats he caught on crank baits sliming up his boat. he caught 3 in the 30 pound range last year and one or two smaller ones about every time out but especially in tournaments. cats trying to get in on the fame i guess.
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    I have been wanting to try Douglas for Smallmouth..might need to try some catfishing